Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dave Grohl's the Bombdiggity

Dave Grohl already holds a special place in my heart (I'll explain later) but hearing Dave speak about Paris Hilton just really makes me happy.

Paris is fucking lame. She's more offensive to me than anything. She's a total, raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party slut. I pray that my daughter will not turn out like her."

I think we can all agree, Paris(ite) has been described in many ways as many things but this one is certainly a special gem. Good on ya Dave!

Now to my story: Dave and his fellow Foo-Fighters were playing at a nearby amphitheater a couple of years ago. A couple of my family members love live music as much as I do so we headed to the concert. Teenagers, aged rockers and $10 beers...what's not to love?

We drank some beer, peed, drank some more beer, peed, and then it was showtime. So we got another beer (it was hot out!) and took to our seats not too far from the stage. An hour, lots of good tunes, more beer and more peeing later, Dave jumped from the stage, singing and playing, up an aisle. I freaked and ran from the middle of our row into the aisle to try to catch him on his way back to the stage. BINGO. He headed my way! As he was about to pass me, I reached my hand towards him and my right index finger managed to find his neck where I quickly wiped the dripping sweat from it! I was now in possession of Dave Grohl's sweat!

What did I do with the sweat? I quickly contained it in a small vile (which I smartly brought with me to the concert. Genius!) and proceeded to sell it on eBay. How much did I get? $1,000.00. Courtney Love needed it for the "Dave Grohl CURSE soup" she was making.

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bree said...

LOL! You are so lucky!
I love Dave and the Foo Fighters too. Send him my way Upchucker!