Friday, May 11, 2007

Kudos To All My Pregnant Chicas!

I just can't even get over how big the baby belly on Bridget Moynahan is getting. All of us take it for granted but there's a human being growing in there for crying out loud! Totally sci-fi to me ever time I see a pregnant woman or a birth ('cause I watch live births in my spare time...not.). She looked gorgeous at a little Liz Lange maternity fashions party. That's actress Gretchen Mol with her in the top left pic.

To all you Gisele lovers...suck it (with love). Tom can suck it too. You know he's sucking Gisele's penis every night.

Wait a second, didn't Britney Spears wear that dress on the left in the picture immediately above? Was she trying to tell us something?


Anonymous said...

Love your Bridget posts. You're too funny. And one really has to love Bridget. What a class act. There should be some special oscar category for her...maybe best performance in the face of adversity?

All the best Bridget - you deserve it!

Upchuck(er) said...

This must be Shelby!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Upchucker, you are the best. Come join us on Splashnewsonline, there's a Bridget blog that has collected over 1700 comments.

I love that comment on what Brady is sucking. How funny. Know how they say he's homophobic, well, he's finally come out of the closet.

Love it, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...'s not that a compliment?

Anonymous said...

I predict great things for the oh so clasy Bridget Moynahan. With each smile and each new stage in her pregnancy she is giving the proverbial finger to Tom Brady.

Anonymous said...

Bridget - ever so classy, elegant and beautiful! The best to you and your baby.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Bridget again and yes! her belly has grown! Wow!

Beautiful,classy,and totally in-love with her baby. Keep smiling!

Let the coundown begin 8 or 9 more weeks to go?!?!

Upchuck(er) said...

Shelby is great and you are too!

Thanks a bunch xox