Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris is a Sucky Pet Owner - As if We Needed Testimony Right?

The NY Post is reporting Paris Hilton's neighbors have first hand experience of just how terrible of a mom Hilton is to her numerous animals:

"Shelby Segall, whose yard borders Hilton's, tells The Post's Marianne Garvey: "She treats her animals horribly. They are always getting out and running around the neighborhood. She had a little orange kitty about a year ago that kept getting out and we kept telling her it was outside. She didn't seem like she cared, and then one day the cat got run over in the middle of the street and died. Not long after, little [Chihuahua] Tinkerbell came to my door and I left a note on her gate. Her assistant came over frantic and tried to offer me a $40 reward. I said, 'Don't insult me.' "

-- That bish has no right buying animals like they're damn accessories. Remember the whole "Tinkerbell Missing" drama when she was filmed posting "HELP!" signs all over L.A. (probably just two streets). You know she was in a drunken and drug induced haze when she left Tinkerbell at some guy's house and she just couldn't remember who the guy was.

Another neighbor said, "I found two little Chihuahuas of hers running up and down the street with cars and people going up and down. I put them in my bathroom and called Paris. Her assistant answered and said, 'You can't drop them off! Miss Hilton isn't home!' She took three hours to come get them. Meanwhile she lives five houses away."

Take her animals away and give them to good homes where they will be cared for and looked after. Quit being so damn selfish Paris. You're beyond annoying.

** Oh, and the NY Post is reporting NBC is paying $1 million(!) to Paris Hilton for her first interview out of jail. Meredith Vieira will reportedly conduct the interview for the "Today" show. SHAME ON YOU NBC! WHAT A DISGUSTING DISPLAY!


Anonymous said...

She SHOULD NOT be allowed to by animals like she does. Little trinkets for her to love for a day then she ignores them. All of them should be taken away.

And NBC SHOULD BE ASHAMED for giving her ANY money for an interview. I will not watch it and I will never again watch the TODAY show.

Anonymous said...

That painting is hilarious!