Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lila Grace with Doherty Pains Me to No End

Kate Moss, Pete Doherty & little Lila Grace. Eh gawd.

I know Doherty is supposedly getting clean again but it still really pains me to see him around children. And personally speaking ('cause it's my blog), I think Moss should wear a bra if she's going to wear a see-through shirt while hanging out with her daughter in public. Come on already. -- The trio was snapped "happy" as can be at the Isle of Wight music festival in England last week. Click the link and visit the gallery for lots of pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that he has no business around children either.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that we dont know what hes doing at the moment i must say at the moment he looks proberly the healthiest ive ever seen him, hes coherant and i dont think that even with her flaws kate moss would allow her child to be in danger for all her faults I have never seen her do anything out of her childs own interest

note- when she was taking coke her child was obviously with her father of a childminder