Monday, March 5, 2007

Why Do We Care?

UPDATE: Wahler plead guilty on Tuesday and he was 1) Sentenced to 60 days in Los Angeles County Jail - YEAHHH! 2) Ordered to attend 104 AA meetings. YEAHHHH! & 3) Ordered to complete 36 hours of anger management classes. Wonder if this idiot will learn a lesson?!

This dude was on a reality TV show how many years ago? He played the a-hole right? Guess he really is one because foolio just got arrested - again - at Rumors (a bar) in North Carolina after refusing to show proper identification when questioned about his age. He reportedly screamed obscenities at officers (idiot says what?) and had to spend several hours behind bars before being released on $1000 bail. Foolio has previous arrests for misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.
Lots of junk happens in NC doesn't it? Actor Vince Vaughn was arrested in April 2001 (actor Steve Buscemi was stabbed several times in the bar brawl) - Drummer Tommy Lee arrested October 1999 - Foxy Brown - Riddick Bowe...and the list goes on.

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