Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Doherty Rehabbing Again

Kate Moss broke up with rocker Pete Doherty (again) and dude has been declining (don't ask me how you decline from rock bottom...hell?) but he is finally back in rehab (so what if it was court ordered).

He's been admitted to Detox 5 clinic in Harrogate, Yorkshire. He admitted himself a week ago stayed less than a day. Treatment runs about $6,500 a day and I'm wondering who the hell is paying for his treatment considering tabloid reports have had him living in a car and, more recently, in a garage with ten kittens (WTF?!), since the Moss break up.


yeppa said...

He makes me feel dirty just looking at the artwork!

bree said...

Grose. He's disgusting and will overdose (don't wish it on anyone) within a year or two.