Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ok!'s a Bunch of Smoke Blowing Bisches

So on Tuesday we bloggers were chatting about how Ok! magazine was telling us they would be spilling some juicy beans and photos from their interview/shoot with Britney Spears, but then it really started to seem like they were blowing smoke up our arses. I can safely say that I have smoke up my arse.

Here are the pages from tomorrow's mag and it's much like we thought. The "damaging photos" were some of the razzi photos posted here so we didn't get anything nasty from shoot (DAMN IT!)

So squint hard and read. She's clearly a spoiled mess but nothing too juicy here. Just a matter of time though!

1 comment:

yeppa said...

They should totally post the awful pictures (if they really exist). This girl needs a major wake-up call!!!