Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Headed to Jail or Death

Two stays in rehab in less than 6 months (forty-five days the second time), a car accident and arrest for DUI (for which she was just booked last week), lost jobs, stained reputation, awful photos...none of this has been able to save Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan was arrested for DUI at around 2:15 a.m. in Santa Monica after failing a field sobriety test. Reports are that her blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13 while the legal limit is .08. Uh, those numbers suggest she was quite drunk.

Once taken to the police station, she was searched and cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

This girl has really f*cked herself. She is due in court on the 1st DUI charges on August 24 - this latest episode does not bode well for her. DOES PARIS HILTON NOT RING A BELL LINDSAY?!

Cops reportedly received a call of a vehicle chasing another vehicle. Blowhan was driving a Denali and reportedly chasing a Cadillac Escalade. WTF?! DUMBARSE!

These latest charges include "possession of cocaine, DUI, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license."

Blowhan was released from jail this morning after processing and posting $25,000 bail. She shouldn't get too comfortable. This chick is going to jail. Fo-shizzle. As she should.

I'd like to see White Oprah explain this one away.

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yeppa said...

I anticipated a relapse but not this fast. Just goes to show that you can't throw yourself back into the party scene when your in recovery. DUH Lindsay.