Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is Skeletor Thinking?

Jennifer Lopez and Mr. JLo, er, um, Marc Anthony, premiered their movie El Cantante' in Puerto Rico.

I found these first two pics of them weird. But then again, almost any pic with Skeletor in it is weird - he's just unlucky like that. But he's married to a hot chica and he's super rich! Not bad Skeletor. But I digress.

What I was getting at is that, to me, in the first pic he looks like JLo just ripped a stinky one and he caught a huge whiff.

In the second pic he looks like he could be thinking one of two things: 1) I will suck the life from you - just keeeeeep on kissin' me. OR 2) WTF are you kissing me for bisch?!?! I don't swing your way.

I'm thinking 1.


leah said...

She is so naturally beautiful - I just don't get why she wears so much damn make up. WHY Jennifer?!?!

bree said...

Poor gue can't help how he looks. Well, 20-30 lbs would go a long way towards helping him so I take that back. LOL!