Saturday, July 14, 2007


Remy Ma (middle) & Makeda Barnes-Joseph (right).

With a friend like rapper Remy Ma - who the hell needs friends?!

Remy Ma, 27, allegedly shot her friend of over 15-years, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, outside of a pizza shop allegedly over $2,000 Ma thought Barnes-Joseph stole from her purse.

The "friends" were at Pizza Bar in the Meatpacking District (NYC) celebrating a mutual friends 25th birthday when the incident happened.

Barnes-Joseph, 23, was shot twice in her midsection while sitting in her car - Remy Ma fled in a SUV with two men but then crashed into a parked car (BAHHHHH! You idiots!) and she then fled on foot. The two men were taken into custody for questioning and the police continue their search for ghetto Ma.

UPDATE: Remy Ma turned herself in Saturday night. She was also arrested on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Surveillance video inside the pizza joint did not show any physical or verbal altercations. The police believe the two women may have argued a block away from the joint before the shooting.


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If she did it then she needs to go to prison. People need to ditch the crap from their neighborhood that will only hold them back.