Friday, July 13, 2007

I'll NOT Have What She's Having...Thank You

I am completely in love with Courtney Love's music (I once saved a choking baby when I worked at a daycare. No joke. The Charlotte Observer did a story on it and, on my way home from the traumatic event, I called a local radio station and requsted Ms. World be played. Of all the songs in the world, right?)

Love's music is raw, imperfect, exposed. Alas, my chica is looking rough. Wayyyy too thin and those caps are terrible. I'm not convinced she's sober either. One can hope though.

Please Court - I implore thee - rethink the diet and lifestyle. Can't wait for all of the new tunes!

Videos are of Courtney performing at London's Bush Hall and a post-show interview with NME. ENJOY LOVE LOVERS!!!


becks said...

Oh, ouch. She looks painfully terrible.

Get healthy again for us Court!

Anonymous said...

Oh myyyy. What do you say to that?