Friday, July 13, 2007

Golden Balls and RoboSpice

Yeah baby! David Beckham now has his L.A. Galaxy jersey, the introductions have been made, and now he can start training for the moment he starts playing live and in person for me.

Golden Balls is what Vicks refers to her Becks as. Isn't that sweet...

She did say she was going to try to smile more for us Americans so she doesn't look like a miserable cow but WTF does it matter if she's just going to cover it up?!

[image source]


Angela said...

Goodness that man is HOT! I don't care what anyone says I'd do tea with that couple any day! ::::and sneak off with David for a little nasty tryst but um I did not say that:::::

liza said...

I would eat him up in a second!