Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conversations of the Classless

with Greasy Bear Davis and Kim "WTF is my job?" Kardsashian at the Mercedes Benz fashion show in Miami last night. It is being reported that Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis's family has finally cut him off because he refuses to clean up his act (or just shower for that matter).

Greasy Bear: Got $2,000 or $10,000 I can borrow?

Kardashian: Um, I thought you were a billion-HEIR.

Greasy Bear: My family cut me off...something about no job, too many drugs, too much alcohol, being worthless. Do you believe this sh*t?

*awkward silence*

Greasy Bear: So, you got that money?

Karsashian: You think these ass implants were free dude? I made $100 off that sex tape with Ray-J.

Greasy Bear: WTF?!?!

Kardashian: I know, I know. But with these ass and boob implants I can surely make $200 on the next one.

Greasy Bear: So you're broke too?...Don't talk to me.

Kardashian: F.U. dude. WTF are you always so greasy and nasty anyway? Not like you work out. Stop talking to me.

Greasy Bear: No. You don't talk to me...until you've got that $2k you owe me.


Anonymous said...

They can both suck it. Two examples of what's wrong with society these days.

liz said...

She is fake-nasty and he is disgusting. Wish they'd both go away.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kardashian works and co-owns two boutiques with her two sisters. her assets are CLEARLY real. and the reason she did not profit for the sex tape is because she is not a whore like paris hilton and STOPPED the wholee thing before it got too out of hand.