Friday, July 13, 2007

Cheeto Brit is as Surprising as a Shitty Prize in a Cracker Jacks Box

Britney Spears has been on a downward spiral since she left rehab and things are only getting worse.

Not only did she recently serve her mom, Lynne, with legal papers (reportedly ordering her to stay away from Brit's pet children), but her sister is pissed at her for how she is treating their mother, her constant companion Alli has been kicked to the Louisiana curb, a Spear's single that was supposed to "drop" this week - didn't - and Children' Protective Services visited her Malibu home three times last week to advise her home was unsafe for her children.

SAD! You know someone close to her called CPS on her arse. Spears is a typical trainwreck pop star. Anyone who stands up to her and says "No" is booted. Those children need to be shipped to my house where they'll be loved and cared for by me (not a nanny), my hubby (of 10 years though I'm only 32), and my chihuaha we've had for over five years now (not like Brit who buys then gives away her pets). Wylie and Copper will love the boys too (our other dog and cat).

Since her Malibu home has been deemed unsafe, Cheetoh Brit has moved into the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills - which is where these pics were snapped. She's weeks away from another breakdown. Shaved head again or ecstasy freak-out in the California desert a'la' Anne Heche?


becks said...

I hope she doesn't fall apart again but she seems like one of those people who won't get their shit together until they're 40.


Anonymous said...

Totally Becks. Pathetic really.