Friday, July 13, 2007

Beckhams in Beverly

Unless you have been living under a rock (if so, I'm sorry for you.) you know that David and Victoria Beckham have landed in the States and are safely in their $22 million non-ostentatious (yeah right) home in Beverly Hills.

We are minutes away from David stepping out as an L.A. Galaxy star player (his contract and endorsements could be worth up to $250 million). I CAN'T WAIT! Futbol rules and anyone who plays it rules as well.

Vicks has said she plans to smile more for us Americans but from the looks of it, David has been left to smile extra big for the both of them. What a ridiculous media presence as the couple left LAX last night. CRAZY!

I'm seeing a teensy-weensy grin there...she's breaking us in gently.

Let us celebrate this arrival with a bit of creepy cartoon fun:

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