Sunday, March 18, 2007

Paris and Fam Celebrate Mom

Two of the worst parents in the world celebrated Mom Kathy's birthday this past weekend (ending March 18 '07).

You know Parisite's dad is like, "Honey, get your man-hands off me" and Parisite is like, "But you said you liked my pornos so you must like my man-hands too daddy!" Check out the pic of Parisite and her mom to see how terrible her "tan job" is. Apparently she ordered the "pumpkin" package when she hit the tanning salon.

Ick. That whole family skeeves me out. Oh, the lady in the green dress is Marla Maples - d*ckhead Donald Trump's second wife.

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I Hate Paris said...

She looks so organge! YUCK!