Monday, March 19, 2007

Paris Continues Her Work for Valtrex Manufacturer

So I guess Paris and Shanna Moaklar abuser Stavros are on a break? Paris and Ashlee Simpson's ex/Desperate Housewives dude - Josh Henderson - spent an evening together discussing world politics & humanitarian causes herpes, Valtrex and how fun it is to spread their legs.

Once again, Parasite has crap on her dress after an evening out. Click to really check it out and then click her name link below to see past messes.

On a separate note: Sources say Nicole Richie and Parisite Hilton will serve as "fat camp" counselors in an episode of their upcoming "Surreal Life" on E! Great. Adderall-loving-food-hating Nicole telling little kids how to deal with food and life. Nice. E! should be shot along with Richie and Hilton. -- Click here for two pics of the girls on-set for a different episode of their show.

1 comment:

yuck said...

That guy gets around as much as she does!

They deserve eachother.