Thursday, May 24, 2007

Elizabeth Hurley is Pregnant

That's my opinion. Elizabeth Hurley is totally pregnant. What else do you make of the sari dress (yeah, besides the Hindu hubby), hand on the belly & the fact that she's carrying a bit more weight then she normally carries (she did once say she'd rather die than be fat)?

Hurley and new husband Arun Nayar were photographed at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in London Wednesday (May 23).

Hurley's Mid-Life Plan:
1) Find wealthy Indian dude to marry.

2) Marry him in a couple of outlandish ceremonies and offend his family thereby alienating you and your new hubby from the fam.

3) Get pregnant so young son Damien (spitting image for the real Damien in "Omen") has a brother or sister to torture.

4) Finish creating Mid-Life Plan.


casey said...

She totally looks pregnant!

bree said...

I agree. She looks pregnant!