Monday, May 21, 2007

Ugliest Woman in the World...Yeah Right.

Angelina Jolie looked her usual gorgeous and understated self at a photocall for "A Mighty Heart" at the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France. Still can't get over how skinny she is these days.

"A Mighty Heart" is the true story of kidnapped/murdered journalist Daniel Pearl and his wife, Mariane Pearl's, frantic search to locate him in Pakistan. -- I highly recommend this movie but I also urge everyone to watch "The Journalist and the Jihahdi" - a documentary about Daniel Pearl's life and death. He loved life and he hated bigotry. He lived for tolerance. He was a good man.

And looky who attended the movie's premier. A young Robert Redford, wait, that's Brad Pitt. His hair looks like mommy combed it for him. Interesting.

The woman with the little boy in the group photo is the Mariane Pearl with their son - little Adam D.

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