Thursday, May 24, 2007

Silly Boys are Sexy...
Clooney's the Man

Official still from Oceans 13.

I love George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Sarcastic wit is the best. Humor is my daily salvation and I just know these boys and I could totally hang for a week, laugh, drink, laugh, drink...I'd even let Matt Damon hang with us (We call ourselves "The Crew").

The Oceans 11, 12 & 13, cast is in Cannes for the annual Cannes Film Festival promoting their movie as well as George Clooney's "A Journey to Darfur." Such an excellent cause. Everyone should get involved. We Must care. Clooney and other stars raised over $8 million for their Save Darfur campaign and director Steven Spielberg donated $1 million himself. Now, enough preaching...I just fell off my soap box.

Gotta love this exchange Clooney and Damon had in an Associated Press interview:

Damon: ''Brad has had it tough. He's ...''

Clooney: ''Hobbled with children ...''

Damon: ''And that wife ...''

Clooney: ''That horrible, ugly wife.''

Damon: ''I mean, to go home to her every day ...''

Clooney: ''What do you do?''

Damon: ''Well, you have your work. That's about it. You can take refuge there.''

Clooney, still single, reminisced about turning up at the makeshift bar on the ''Ocean's Thirteen'' set and finding it overrun by children.

''Matt said, 'We should take a photo of this' because I'm in here with a bunch of, like, kids in diapers, and I'm sitting here having a vodka,'' Clooney said.

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