Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Them's Fightin' Words Ladies!

Another day on "The View," another Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselback argument. I cannot stand Elisabeth's views on this administration and its war but I also find it utterly annoying when Rosie doesn't let others speak and mocks them with the "one at a time" - "let me speak" - "just answer the question" crap when she knows full well that often times she doesn't allow others those same courtesies . It just makes her look overbearing and intolerant.

Come on Rosie, even idiot Bushies have the right to say their peace. ;) Keep the open dialogue going ladies!

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Anonymous said...

Ah whatever Rosie can suck it, seriously there is no right or wrong on the topic she was picking at; its opinion and she just had to take "Our Enemies" for serious. HAHAHA they are our enemies. THAT WAS IGNORANT. Plus Liz backed herself up with naming the particular group we are after (I wont even attempt to spell it though here I will give pronunciation! Al-kiy-da, eh…I gave it a shot) that is in fact who we are after Rosie's a dumb -insert name for a female dog here- she was just fishing for an ego boost because she needs it so bad. She picks on everyone; she's like that fat bully everyone hated in school except here we're in celebrity world (same difference they all act like a bunch of children) Personally I usually cannot stand this show because it’s like watching a bunch of squawking hens rant forever about whatever however(ha-ha-ha! clever ;) ) I am very glad Rosie is gone. She’s like that rooster in the chicken pen that everyone would really just rather take a shotgun to. (I like metaphors)
Welcome back lovely Barbra!