Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Glamorous Life

One minute Angelina Jolie is playing with Maddox, Pax and Zahara, in Central Park - the next she is looking all glamorous as she walks to a chopper for a quick flight to the Hamptons. Bradley followed he should.

The couple hosted a Hurricane Katrina benefit to raise funds for Pitt's Make it Right project which supports the rebuilding of environmentally-friendly homes in New Orleans' devastated Ninth Ward. Christie Brinkley, Jimmy Buffett and Ellen Barkin were in attendance.

She looks like a really hot librarian by day and then she looks all bad ass but sexy at night. Just plain unfair. Though I still wouldn't mind if she ate a few dozen hot dogs like super-cool Maddox and papa Pitt.

Where the heck is the almighty Shiloh? We haven't seen her since Chicago. Really, how long can it possible take to retouch a baby's highlights? A baby mani-pedi can't take too long either. Maybe she's having her lips redone. They were looking a little flat in Chicago.

But what the hell happened to her bottom? She doesn't have one anymore. At least she hasn't gone the butt-cheek implant route. That would be bad.

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casey said...

Definitely glamorous but I've just shed a tear for the loss of her ass!