Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reunited and it feels so...gross

Oh look, Tom Brady (the pregnant woman abandoner) and Gisele Bundchen (the man stealer) reunited and sucking face after the birth of Brady's son with actress Bridget Moynahan.

The two were snapped after lunching together in Boston.

Some would love nothing more than to see Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen break-up. I could care less 'cause I think he's ugly and she's a man snatcher...they'll break-up soon enough without me wishing it on them.

Contrary to earlier reports, the little guy was not given Brady's last name (how do you like that Brady bitch?!), rather, he was reportedly named John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

I love Bridget.


B Fan said...

So do we Upchuck. Us Splash Girls will forever support Bridget. Just last week it was mentioned that Tom Brady will have a hard decision to make, well I guess it wasn't so hard after all. 6 day old baby is at home with a C-sec recovering Mommy while "sperm donor father" already fondling his new squeeze in public. Right on Tom, it didn't take long to decide and line up your priorities. Whatever happened to "think of the baby", the same accusations the media and fans pointed at Bridget with the name. Maybe someone should ask Tom, "hey are you thinking of your baby when you were sucking face in public?"

Anonymous said...

Ya Brady should marry Bridget. Who cares if Bridget is using the kid against Brady. The kid does not need his dad.Bridget should get back at him and never let Brady see his kid. Maybe she could just tell the kid that his father dies.
Bridget is a fuckin evil bitch who is only hurting her kid.

Anonymous said...

I think that Tom and Gisele do not estan controlling their excessive concupicencia she is a ponografica vixen and bad example for the children is well that they do not let to Tom see his baby

august anne said...

I find them both repulsive. Always on display.

Bridget will do well to take care of the baby, focus on the two of them (her & baby), and ignore this Brady asshole.

It's nice we don't have to look at Gisele in ads for VS anymore. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Bridget is way better off without Tom!

If Tom wants a life in his child's life it's upto him to get involved. No one can stop him!

Now that the suck face has began we hear that Bridget is limiting his access(this from his loyal fans and the licking ass media)
To all his loyal fans and the licking his ass media outlets. Tom did not want this baby- no way he should have the Brady name. Period. Showing up for the birth does not making everything OK.

Don't be surprised if we later learn that he gave all custodial/parenting rights Bridget, hence the tears, and the tough decision/personal issues he had in CA after the John's birth.

Anonymous said...

Tom & Gisele = Gross & Grosser. You got it right, Upchucker!

Anonymous said...

Upchuck you are the bestest!!! Couldn't have said it better myself! Kudos to you to have the guts to tell it like most of us see it! Tom just made an appearance after the birth for his own sake, not little John's. Gisele is quite the enabler - what a pathetic couple. They're trying hard to convince the public that abandoning an innocent child is worth for them to be a couple!

Anonymous said...

Go Camp Brady!
Bridget tried to trap him and does not deserve to have this great man marry her. He is however completely entitled to equal custody of his child, which he will get thanks to her disgusting Page 6 World annoucement of Tom as the father! Oh, karma is a bitch Bridget. Tom has moved on and so should you. Stop using your son as bait for publicity and to get back at the Daddy for not marrying your old, b-list, ugly arse! Gisele is such an upgrade!

Anonymous said...

Don't we all know by know that he did not leave her when pregnant? I mean, her own PR people announced the breakup in mid December saying they broke up several weeks ago, that either means in late November or early December. That information, again from her side, with the birth in late August confirm they could not have known. Why should Tom marry Bridget if he did not love her enough to stay with her? Better to come from a broken home than live in one. I see nothing wrong with how he has handled this. He has done and said the right things in never denying his responsibility to his child and being there for the birth. I love how she wants nothing to do with him, funny Bridget, he hasn't wanted anything to do with you for some time now. Grow up and try your best to be a good Mommy. I am sure you can find another guy to ruin in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom and Gisele are both gorgeous. Probably hotter than Brad and Angelina. Wow, he has quite the body. I really like them together. Can't wait to see them with the baby. That is going to be on the cover of People!

baby first said...

Bridget is gorgeous, Gisele is ok, Tom's body is ok but his face needs help...The baby is my real concern and I feel that Bridget will always place his best interest ahead of her own wishes or bitterness.

I just can't stand seeing these two kiss. It really bothers me for some reason. But alas, I am over it now. :)

Anonymous said...

What should be wanting is a part in the baby's life and not Bridget's. Rumour :It is said he tried reconciliation at the hosp. and Bridget said No. Does not want him in her life.

Who would anyway? Tom's life doesn't look ruined annoymous. In fact it looks glamarous!

It's Tom who wanted back in- or just about the time Gisele was cancelling scheduled trips claiming personal crisis in her life. Well it seems they both got over it!!