Friday, August 31, 2007

Have money, will waste, will remain stupid.

Aww, rapper and HUGE fan of plastic surgery, Lil' Kim was driving her new wittle Wamborghini in NYC Thursday when she was pulled over for driving without a license plate. Cops then discovered she didn't have a license. Who the f**k gives someone a Lamborghini when they can't even legally drive? Waste of money I tell ya. Feed some hungry children for crying out loud (and I am).

Police said the rapper told them the car was a gift from someone in California which was delivered today on a flatbed truck. The car allegedly already had a summons in California for also being driven around without plates, perhaps by the previous owner.

Police were checking Lil’ Kim’s records when her lawyer came and drove the car away. Police were satisfied with the check on the vehicle which was legally registered.

The rapper was not issued a summons for not having plates nor a driver’s license with her, police said.

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Anonymous said...

fucking idiot. hate her.