Friday, August 31, 2007

Ruh rohhh, trouble in tattoo land

Angry man Ami James isn't happy Ms. Kat Von D has her own show airing on TLC before his. Poor baby. Doesn't like being trumped by a chick.

Ami and Kat worked together on Miami Ink but the relationship soured quickly and they butted heads constantly. At the end of last season, Kat was "fired" (she was leaving anyway).

Now she has her own shop and now her own show, L.A. Ink, in Hollywood. Ami is reportedly "going crazy" over this. Apparently a billboard picture of him has been replaced with Kat's fabulously original mug. OH SNAP!

A source told the NY Post:

"He's now berating his staff, the cameramen, everyone in his path," said the source. "He is so jealous of Kat and her success it's making him insane. He's moody, you can't predict how bad he'll act on any given day. Kat's better-liked, better-looking, and nobody cares about Ami anymore."

Come on Ami, both shows are cool and anybody who likes Tattoo's will watch both of them. There's room enough for two tough guy. You'll be ok.


Anonymous said...

Ami is a punk and Kat is da momb!

kat fan said...

Kat RULES Ami any day!