Saturday, February 24, 2007

'Cause She'd Cry If He Didn't

Sorry to be mean. I'm just so tired of this girl:

" BEYONCE KNOWLES stands to pick up half an Oscar if songwriter SCOTT CUTLER wins gold for Best Song on Sunday (25FEB07) - he'll cut the statuette down the middle.

Oscar rules limit the amount of nominees in the Best Song category and, as one of five writers credited with DREAMGIRLS hit LISTEN, Knowles missed out on a nod.

But Cutler insists the singer/actress won't be left out of he wins gold.

He says, "Beyonce helped that along a lot - little lifts in the melody, little lifts in the song that we hadn't thought of. She just kept sending back ideas, thoughts, what she wanted.

"I'll cut my Oscar in the middle and give her half."

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