Saturday, February 24, 2007

Douche Bag Says What?

Apparently Douche Bag says this:

“You hide behind the shield. This is bullsh*t!”

That's it. I am officially filing Busta Rhymes under 'douche bag'...didn't know I had such a file did ya?

He already has two separate assault charges under his belt and, oh yeah, a dead bodyguard. Apparently his bad-ass list is too short so he went and ran a red light yesterday (Thursday, 2/23) morning -- while driving without a valid license -- and then proceeded to talk shi*t to the police officers lucky enough to be graced by his presence.

Uh, no Busta, you're the bull*shit AND the douche bag. And if you're now thinking about coming to get me let me refer you to the info I gave Serena Williams after I commented on her lovely manly appearance.


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