Saturday, February 24, 2007

Anna: No Burial B4 Tuesday

Richard C. Milstein, Danielynn's court-appointed guardian, in a statement made today, said there will be no funeral for Anna before Tuesday.

If you'll remember, Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin assigned Milstein as Dannielynn's guardian to protect her interests in the "next of kin" case for control of Anna Nicole Smith's body.

After what should have taken only a day to decide -- Judge Seidlin finally ruled Thursday to let Milstein make the decision as to where Anna will be buried. Both Judge Seidlin and Mr. Milstein agree with Howard K. Stern that she should be buried next to her son in the Bahamas.

Richard C. Milstein said in Saturday's statement he was working as quickly as possible on the funeral details for the former Playboy centerfold who died earlier this month.

(Future resting place for Anna: Lakeview Cemetery, Nassau, Bahamas)

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