Friday, February 23, 2007

DG Pulls "Macho Man" Ads in Spain

2007 Spring/Summer Campaign

Consumer group Facua and Spain's Women's Institute complained to DG and the Labour Ministry about DG's spring ad campaign for what they call DG's "macho ads".

...the ad "not only reduces women to a sexual object but the image sends the message that the use of force as a means to achieve subjugation is admissible."

Consumer group Facua meanwhile said it had also asked Dolce and Gabbana to withdraw the ad, which it said depicted "macho violence", from its international catalogue.

DG said:

"We are withdrawing this photo only from the Spanish market. They have shown themselves to be a bit backward," the firm said in Milan where it is based, daily newspaper El Periodico reported.

"What does an artistic photo have to do with real acts?" it added.

The ad depicts a bare-chested man using his hands to pin a woman dressed in a black evening dress and high heeled shoes to the ground as four other men in various stages of undress look on."

2006 campaign

They always do artsy ads but I don't like the pinning down of the girl with other guys watching. Guess I'm not at artist!

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