Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anna to Brit: Let's hang out!

Us magazine is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith, 8-months-pregnant herself, videotaped a message to Britney Spears in which she says:

“If you see this for some oddball reason – because I look at your stuff, too [referring to Spears’ Web site] – and you want to be friends, I would love so much to hang out with you,” she said. “I think you’re totally cool, and I think we’re about to have babies around the same time…I would just love to meet you.”

Smith finished up with her contact info: “You can call my lawyer, my best friend, my confidant Howard Stern. I think everyone has his number. He’ll give it out to you, Britney. Take cares [sic], and I hope that you do great on your second pregnancy. I’m sure you won’t even see this, but if you do, I’d really love to talk to you. Bye.”

I doubt I'm alone when I say: THANK THE LORD those two never hung out!

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NYC said...

WTF?!?! Close call!