Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spears/Federline Moms Caring For Kids

Mama Spears, Lynne, with Sean Preston.

Looks like KFed-Ex is too stressed right now to care for his 2 Spears-Federline Itty-Bitties. Us Weekly is reporting he has called on Mama Spears, Lynne, and his own mom for assistance:

He is beyond sad," says a Federline pal. "This is the worst week of his entire life. He doesn't even want to pick up the phone. Things are beyond not well with Britney, and he still loves her."

According to our Federline insider, K-Fed made a call to his mother, Julie Bleak, on Valentine's Day asking for her to help him take care of the children. Bleak flew to L.A. on Feb. 15 (the same day Spears, 25, checked into the Crossroads Centre rehab facility in Antigua). Our source adds that Lynne Spears has also been present for her grandchildren, taking care of the children round-the-clock with Federline.

"Britney's family feels that Kevin has been a blessing and they are very impressed with Kevin taking so much responsibility," says a Spears family source. "Britney's family found out from the news this morning that Britney had left the rehab. Britney has not asked to see the kids because she knows she is not well and she does not want to scare Preston. She has no credit cards or cash. She is basically on the run at the moment."

Jayden James in pink disguise -- Disguises run in the family.

SEE KIDS: This is what happens when you marry and have kids before you are psychologically and emotionally ready. Be forewarned!!!

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