Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tina Turner: Just Say No...To "Heavy Backsides"

Hmmmm, how very interesting that foxy (and solid) Tina Turner answered some fashion related questions by chiming in on the "skinny model debate" like this:

Your thoughts on the exhibition?

...The show this evening's always just inspired me to really want to make sure that I stay in shape and that I look good. It's that kind of a motivation for me when I watch his shows. It really is.

...Well yes I think it is possible....but also I know, I've seen a few of the ones now where girls with heavy rumps are walkin' the rampway.

The heavy what?

The heavy backsides. And that doesn't look so good. So I think it's difficult to really get the right size to please everybody.

GREAT WORK Tina...Way to join the Ban Big Girls Brigade. Uncool x infinity.


Anonymous said...

Who knew she had a thing against booties?! Not good Tina.

Anonymous said...

You Rock, Tina...!! Isn't every body getting sick of looking at big butts in too small jeans?? Haven't they heard of "spillage??" If only they knew what three axe handles wide refers to....or plumber's butt!!

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