Friday, February 23, 2007

Taye Diggs Looking 'Grey'(ish)

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting (go figure) Taye Diggs has been tapped to star in a 'Grey's Anatomy' spin off called 'TAKE A SUCCESSFUL SHOW & PULL AWAY ITS VIEWERS BY CREATING ANOTHER SHOW WITH THE SAME OLD SHITE'. Though I hear they're still working on the title. Bahhhh!

I'm not even a 'Grey' fan -- ER RULES! -- But why do TV execs always ruin a (reportedly) good thing? How many Law & Order's are there? I only watch the original. How about CSI's? I only watch the original set in Vegas (for those not in the know). ;)

Maybe someone out there will watch the wanna-be-Grey. Have fun with that.

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