Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rapper Common Hates On Duke - Now Going To Perform There

(Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images 6/11/05)

Daily Dish hipster Ben Widdicombe reports today that Common will be performing at Duke University's Last Day of Classes Concert on April 25.

Problem? The hypocrite took time during a concert last year to say this:

"F— them damn n—s from Duke lacrosse," he freestyled, and a concertgoer claims he later added, "I really believe in my heart that those boys in Duke lacrosse did it — that they raped a black princess."
What an ass. He's ready to collect a paycheck from those same n-s isn't he?!!?!!


Calling out Common said...

What a hypocritical d*ck!

Anonymous said...

He didn't say "F Duke" he said "F" the lacrosse players. And they didn't do it so he has no reason to not perfom there and to not collect that check you're talking about.