Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Big Biel

Jessica Biel was trying her best to avoid the razzi getting a picture of her face last week as she walked her dogs. Could it be because Justin Timberlake insisted she not travel with him for the Paris leg of his tour?

Check out Justin's words below from an interview with The Mirror. Not so nice man...not so nice. This dude is so stuck on himself these days. A dozen humble pies in the face might be just what Mr. Jt needs.

On Jessica:
"She truly insisted that she came with me on tour. I don't know how to say no to a pretty face. But it wasn't really a good idea. This time I'm putting the machine before everything else. Jessica met up with me in Manchester, but for Paris I told her categorically no. This tour is very important for me. I'm doing it really seriously so there's no question of playing sweethearts!"

About the love of his life:
"I haven't met her yet."

The last lie he told?:
"When I made the whole world believe that Scarlett was my girlfriend."

Any body image issues?:
"Physically nothing. I'm well proportioned and nothing offends me when I look in the mirror. I defy a girl not to fall for me if I'm on a surfboard or snowboarding. It's my secret weapon if a girl resists me."

Ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz faired better than anyone in the entire interview:"Cameron is without doubt one of my best friends. I adore her and I hope it will always be like that."


Anonymous said...

She doesn't usually hide her face like that. Poor thing.

casey said...

Wow, he does sound like an asshole these days.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, she looks really sad.