Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KFed-Ex Needs a Vasectomy!

KFed-Ex & Brit in 2006.

Gossipers are going nuts talking about Kevin Federline (KFed-Ex) possibly impregnating his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his first two children - Shar Jackson! There was talk in April that the two were spending a lot of "special" time together.

This comes on the heels of rumors of a Spears-Federline reunion. KFed-Ex has reportedly been hanging out at Spears' place for several hours when dropping off the couples two kids (Sean Preston & Jayden James) for her visitation period . There are also rumors of overnight stays.

If it is true that Shar Jackson is pregnant with KFed's baby - Britney is really going to lose it again. We've already seen new pictures this week of her underwear clad vajayjay and her boobs hanging out...clearly intoxicated. Lord give her strength.

Stay tuned...

Shar Jackson before/after boob job & tummy tuck.

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