Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beyonce Smoking in Ad - WTF?!

What, creatively, does the cigarette add here? Are they going for "old Hollywood glamour"??? There is definitely nothing glamorous about smoking. It has been almost a year since I quit and if there is anything I remember about smoking it is this: it SMELLS , makes YOU SMELL and TASTES BAD. Last time I checked - there's nothing glamorous about any of these. I don't hate on smokers but I certainly don't recommend it and I encourage everyone to quit...You'll feel amazing!

Many Australians aren't happy about the ad. News.com.au reports an anti-smoking group, Quit, could violate the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act and has writtin the Federal Department of Health. Quit's executive director, Todd Harper, has said the advertisement could be seen as promoting and giving publicity to a smoking product, which is against the law. Mr. Harper went on to say Beyonce was "badly advised" and did not need to be photographed with the cigarette to make herself appear more sophisticated. AMEN Australia!

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CeCe said...

That just looks ridiculous!