Monday, June 25, 2007

Annnd Sceeeeene

This is the welcome sign Paris Hilton will come home to once she's released from jail tomorrow. Unless, of course, her parents pick-up a day laborer to clean up things - you know their arses would never touch a paint brush.

Hilton told Ryan Seacrest that she hopes to build a "transitional home" to help women when they are released from jail. "These women just keep coming back because they have no place to go," she explains.

Hilton says the home can be "a place to get food and clothes on their backs," continuing that the recidivism rate is "a really bad cycle and if we stop it now, we can make our community a better place."

I wish her people would stop letting her speak. We all know she won't follow through on over half of the things she says she's going to do. It all sounds good in the moment but she's not one to put others before herself. She should stop talking and just START DOING when she gets out tomorrow.

Let us not forget that her first post-jail interview will be on Larry King Live this Wednesday. Great.

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