Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For the First Time...

I actually believe that's water in Lindsay Lohan's water bottle and not vodka.

Lohab went hiking in Malibu Tuesday and brought along lots of "sober companions" to help guard her. Sober companions are not employees of Promises treatment center but are independent contractors hired for around $2,000 per day to escort rehabbers to appointments with lawyers, doctor appointments, court, etc. They're not really meant to be used as best friends to go roller skating, hiking, or boxing with.

Lohab is also reportedly pissing off some people in rehab as they say she is constantly texting people, throwing her clothes around her room and she doesn't shower often. Uh, what?

This is all crap. Just get better Lohab. Take your recovery seriously. Or else.

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liv said...

$2k to go to a couple appointments with an addict? Sign me up!