Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet Justice for Custom Cleaners

We haven't seen justice this good since Paris Hilton was returned to jail. The judge presiding over the $54 million suit against a dry cleaner has ruled IN FAVOR of the dry cleaner by denying the plaintiff's case and ordering said plaintiff to pay the court costs of the defendants. Thank you Jesus!

Dumbarse plaintiff Roy L. Pearson, himself an administrative law judge, alleged Custom Cleaners did not live up to its "Satisfaction Guaranteed" promise as suggested in signs posted in their establishment when they lost a pair of his dress pants. Yes, a pair of pants.

Pearson should be banned from the bench as no one without common sense and/or true respect for the legal system should be ruling on cases. Let us hope this idiot doesn't appeal the decision and let us hope the dry cleaner turns around, sues Pearson for attorney's fees and emotional distress, and let us hope THEY WIN!

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bree said...

It is hard to believe a frivolous case like this could actually go as far as it has. This man should be ashamed of himself.