Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free Bird Looks Different

Stop the presses! Paris Hilton was released from jail just after midnight.

Chica looks so damn different and I was trying to put my finger on it but just couldn't (besides not being orange). At first I thought it was because she wasn't wearing much make-up and didn't have on mega lashes but then I realized chica didn't have her blue contacts in! We had a sighting of her REAL eyes - her real BROWN eyes.

So besides saving the world, building a half-way home for women newly released from jail and dropping her "bad friends", Paris is vowing to save her wonk eye by not damaging it more with the constant wearing of blue contacts. Good for you Paris.

Now, if the press and citizens would make this big a deal about soldiers returning from war...just imagine. I'm still not sure if I'll be watching her on Larry King Live tomorrow. It's going to be lots of fakeness...the action isn't in the saying...it's in the doing. Ya know?

Awww, and Paris the ar-teest drew up this sweet little thank you card for Harvey Levin of TMZ. What a sweetheart that Paris has become. -- CLICK PIC to truly appreciate this masterpiece.

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Anonymous said...

She looks so different with her God given eyes. wow. She almost looks Asian.