Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Brother Help a Sister"

Fox at 2007 BET Awards.

Vivica A. Fox was arrested for DUI in March and she apparently pulled the race card.

When the California Highway Patrol pulled her over, "Fox began to walk away, yelling at my partner, 'Brother help a sister -- are you going to let this racist white cop do this ... well are you?'" -- The brother was a Hispanic officer.

She was taken to the police station where a breath test was administered but according to an officer, "Fox then burped quite loudly and I then aborted the test." SASSY AND CLASSY?! BONUS!

Ms. Vivica has been charged with one count of DUI and one count of driving while impaired. You know she'll be calling Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if she gets jail time.

WTF happened to her? She was really cute in Independence Day with Will Smith. She looks horrible now. Too much slut. Too much Botox. To much...ewww.

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Anonymous said...

She really lots it. Total ghetto chick. Blech.