Monday, June 25, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt is "Saving the Future"... pink beach cruiser at a time. Gawd, I love that bike. Reminds me of home. *deep sigh*

Hewitt looks like Ms. Sassy Pants telling off the razzi. SEE AVRIL, you don't have to spit all over everyone. Just waive your finger and get all animated. DONE!

Poor Hewitt, she clearly doesn't want the attention on this day (Saturday) but how cute is that guy?! He's sexy in that nerdy but super cool kinda way. Don't you just want to squeeze him?!


tina said...


bree said...

I'll take one of each (the bike and the guy). LOL

casey said...

Hi Tina and Bree!

They look cute together. I want that bike too girls!

tina said...

Hey Casey!