Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of Town So Not Really Posting

Hey kids!

Things have been busy these last two days and I'm headed to Charleston in a little bit but I found a couple of minutes to try to post a couple things. We'll see if my laptop cooperates.

Enjoy some Bridget Moynahan getting some exercise in Santa Monica. Girlfriend is all belly! Someone should tell her that she has gained weight. There's a baby in there? Ohhh, gotcha.

Still surprised her boobs haven't really grown. But she's awesome and I love her. Can't wait to see Tom Brady go groveling back to her once the baby is born. That is, of course, if Gisele will let him out of her sight. Bish.


Anonymous said...

Tom Brady will not go back to her! She tried to trap him into marriage and cannot be trusted! He will have nothing to do with this gross pathetic aging mess. He will be a good Dad I am sure, but he will go through the system not to see her fugly face anytime in those 18 years. Trust me he hates this bitch! He really hates her!

Anonymous said...

The haters are unbelievable, but Tom's awful behavior encourages these sick posters. In any event, it is obvious that Bridget is the furthest thing from a "mess" that one could find. I admire her courage and am sure she will be a great mom. It must be difficult with all the meanies out there, but Bridget has behaved with dignity that her child can be proud of. I wish her all the best.

Anonymous said...

It seems as time gets closer to the birth that Gisele’s camp is really laying it on. I don’t believe all the tabloid lies and hateful trashing against Bridget on blogs like this are from Tom’s group. I really believe its from Gisele’s fans and friends. How pathetic that Tom can’t see this. How pathetic that he is allowing this to go on. Posts like the first one here are just really sick and cruel against Bridget. No casual observer would have opinions like this. These cruel attacks are beyond the scope of any normal person and are bordering on pyschotic. The only explanation is that Gisele and her people are fearing the arrival of the baby and what affect it will have on Tom and are really laying it on thick.