Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fifth Season 'Surreal Life'(er) in Rehab

Remember Caprice from the 5th season on VH1? Fine, fine, example of fabulous television programming. Yeah, I caught some episodes...I feel so ashamed.

Apparently she's really big in Europe. The former Miss Teen California, blonde who helped launch the UK Wonderbra Week in 1996, Maxim and FHM chicky, Caprice Bourret, has entered rehab for her addiction(s) and depression. As all the celebs or sort-of-celebs in the UK are doing now she checked into The Priory in South West London last week.

I was utterly shocked *wink* to find that her most most recent job appears to have been as a producer for a run of the hit off-Broadway musical 'Debbie Does Dallas' at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in South Africa(from January 16 to February 18, 2007).

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