Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rosie to Barbara: "Wassup Nana!"

NEWSFLASH: Rosie is blabbing again! *collective gasp*

E! Online's Mark Malkin reports the following regarding Rosie:

...She actually took a little swipe at her boss, Barbara Walters. She recounted the time Eva Longoria was a guest on The View and Walters asked the Desperate Housewives star if she had skinned any cats lately. O'Donnell explained that Longoria had said in a previous interview that she had grown up on a ranch and skinned a deer. "Working with Barbara," O’Donnell said, "is like working with your nana."

Oooooooooo, I don't think Nana Walters is gonna like this one bit! No dinner for you Rosie!

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Anonymous said...

Nana Walters LOL! Rosie must think she's safe from firing. Must be nice.