Tuesday, February 20, 2007


GISELE is celebrating because she's NOW FAT ENOUGH TO MODEL IN MILAN! She gained the 14 pounds necessary to meet Milan's new strict *wink* 18.5 BMI minimum and will strut her hotness *yawn* for Dolce & Gabbana. What a FATTY.

Tom Brady's camp is suggesting Ms. Bridget Moynahan may have gotten pregnant on purpose! They seem to think her being 36 years old and about to lose her boyfriend may have got her scheming...*ssholes.

Here's a picture of the model sisters Luisel (left) and Eliana Ramos who died 6 months apart. Luisel collapsed & died of congestive heart failure after stepping off a runway last August -- she was only 22. Eliana, only 18, was found dead by her grandmother on February 18, 2007 -- 6 months after her sister's death. Family says they weren't anorexic and didn't die of complications from anorexia.............WHAT-E-VA with a V-A!

And here's a shot of a runway model who doesn't have an eating disorder either:


Saki said...

Giselle forced to gain weight? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA on her. She should keep it on!

Erin said...

The sisters dying 6 months apart is crazy. Wonder if it was their diet or if it will turn out to be something congenital.

Looks like it was anorexia. So awful.