Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pam Anderson's Kids Think Mom is "Disgusting"

Ok, so maybe they just think naked pictures of her are "disgusting." After all, they're only nine and ten years old.
Page Six reports that Pam was leaving a Laker's game with the chirrens and someone was shoving naked pictures of her in her face asking her to sign them. Pam is quoted as saying, "[later] in the car, [the boys] go, 'Mom, they were trying to get you to sign naked pictures,' and I go, 'No, I was wearing a bikini' and they go, 'You were not wearing a bikini,' and I was like, 'I was wearing a bikini.' They were like, 'That's disgusting.'"

Yeah kids, wait until you see the rest of Mommy's pictures. Oh, and Mommy & Daddy's home videos are even better! Stand proud chirrens!


Angela said...

Hehe. Much better than my own responses to the pesky children in regards to my celebrity and naked photos. Geesh.

Erin said...

Boy are they in for a rude awakening when they get older!