Sunday, February 18, 2007

White Trash Starter Kit For Sale on eBay!

By now we all know that Ms. Spears shaved her head Friday night at a salon in Tarzana, California. Well, now her shaved weave is for sale on eBay! The sleazy salon saved the nasty weave along with a lighter and Red Bull that were reportedly hers.

CLICK HERE to see the auction before it gets taken down. Current bid is $1,000,100.00.
Never been a fan of hers because I can't stand when people whisper and try to pass it off as singing (I sound amazing when I whisper too!) but this girl needs help...STAT.

In case you missed some of the sexiest pictures ever of BritBrit...

UPDATE: eBay has pulled the WTSK auction. Damn it. My friends and I pooled out money and were up to $5.00.

1 comment:

Angela said...

So very least I got my psycho shit out at 14! :)