Sunday, February 18, 2007

She Was in Playboy?

I'm confused...I thought he only liked his chickies drunk and wearing lingerie at Hef's Mansion.

Nevertheless, these two were spotted last week in Australia's Gold Coast area. According to this report, they're not too happy about being photographed either:

Later in the afternoon, the pair ducked for cover when they spotted lenses outside the Pacific Fair cinema, where a pre-screening of Hudson's film, Fool's Gold, was being held for cast and crew members.

The pair walked hand-in-hand to the back door of the cinema but leapt apart and headed for separate doors when they realised a photographer was present. Wilson is widely known as the Mr Nice Guy of Hollywood, but he was so keen to avoid being snapped that he twice shoved the Bulletin photographer out of the way as he rushed up the stairs.

A fan waiting in the cinema foyer said she was shocked to see the star's violent outburst.
"We were going to ask him for a photograph but when we saw him trying to ram the photographer we were too scared, and we couldn't even look at him," said Jemima O'Neill. "We had been waiting for nearly two hours, but he was so angry we thought there is no way we are going to ask him for a photograph now."

Kate is currently filming a movie in the area with Matthew McConaughey. Speaking of Wild is a shot of him celebrating NYE in Australia.

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